Splodge Corner fun zone  (see parties and Kindercraft FAQs below)

Q. Do I need to book to get into the fun zone at Splodge Corner?

A. NO drop in from 930am-2pm Monday - Friday

Q.  I dont want to do a workshop, I just want to meet up with some friends, have a cuppa and let the kids play, can I do that?

A. Absolutely, we can't wait to see you!

Q. Do I need to bring a change of clothing?

A. We provide smocks for children taking part in the craft.   If you choose to paint a 3D ceramic craft we advise that your child wears one - our paint is a washable brand.     In summer we have lots of bubble and water activities in summer or when it is very hot, so perhaps a change  of clothing is a good idea during these times.

 Q. Can I bring a buggy inside?

A. Yes of course.   We are a small venue but there are lots of little corners to put buggies and all of our customers are parents so know what its like to have a buggy in tow. 

Q. Can I leave the children in your care whilst I enjoy a coffee with my friends?

A. No sorry, we are not a creche.   Children are your responsibility at all times.    The areas are set up so that the adult tables are in around the craft and other activities so you should be able to relax but still keep a watchful eye and of course help them tidy up the activities so that other children can enjoy them!


Q.  Can I bring my own Food to a Splodge Party?

If you are partying at our Warradale venue then no, sorry, all our parties there include our catered food, prepared freshly in our kitchens.  You can bring a birthday cake if you wish.

If you choose our Aberfoyle venue or your place then its BYO!!!

Q.  What can the parents do during the party?

Parents are more than welcome enjoy a platter and drinks, delivered to your table. 

At Aberfoyle - you have the whole venue to yourselves so spread out or choose a spot to enjoy the free tea and coffee and your own nibbles!!! 

Q.  When is the final balance due?

You are expected to pay the final balance during the week of the party, so that it has time to clear before your party date.   We try to leave it as long as possible to let you receive your RSVPs.   Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, credit or debit card or cash by popping into our venue at Warradale from 9am-230pm daily.    We expect your account, final nimbus and catering choices to be finalised by Wednesday at 4pm 

Q.  You are on a main road at Warradale, where will all my guests park?

There is a H U G E car park at the rear of our building, drive into railway terrace and access it via the double gates at the end of the row of shops.    To get back onto the main road from there turn right when you exit the gate and take first right and first right again, this brings you back to the main Diagonal Road, where you can turn left or right.   There is also railway parking right outside on railway terrace which is usually empty at weekends. 

Q.  What time should I arrive?

We suggest no earlier than 15 minutes before please.     You and your guests will be permitted access to the party area 5 minutes before the start of the party, where everything will be all set up and ready for you. 

Q.   Do I need to bring anything with me - decorations, candles, drinks?

Our venue at Warradale and Aberfoyle are bright and colourful, there is no need to bring decorations with you.    You can order helium balloons from our Warradale venue if you wish and can take them home with you or give them to your guests after.    We have candles if you purchase our cupcakes, otherwise bring your own for your own cake.   We will supply your guests with cordial and water.   Please leave the knife and matches to us also!!!   If you forget the candles - don't turn round and go home - we have spares!


 Q. Can I leave my child in the class and have a coffee with a friend?

A. No, sorry, this is a class of "team work".     We expect you and your child to work together to create the magic!   Kindercraft workshops provide a wonderful bonding experience during what has become a very busy way of life - chill out and enjoy 45 minutes of your child.....they don't stay that young and cute for long!!!!

Q. Do I have to book to come into a Kindercraft class?

A. Yes, the term runs for 8 weeks.   We have to ensure your space is reserved each week.

Q. What if my child is sick and misses a class?

A.   You can slip into another class that week to make up for the missed one.  Im afraid we don't give refunds for missed classes.