Splodge-Tastic Sessions 5-12 years


Splodge-Tastic sessions take place on selected weekends & during the school holidays. 




SPLODGE-TASTICS Workshops (5 to 12 years) (various topics and themes)

Q. Can I leave my child in the class?

A. Absolutely- we encourage you to in fact!

These sessions are for your children to have some creativity and exploration time using the power of art and craft. To have the opportunity to use their expressive arts and independence to fulfill their need of self creation. We often find that the children like to have this time to produce something that they are proud to share with their family.   

Some classes are process classes which means the children have the opportunity to start and complete on different sessions. 

Q. Do I have to book to come into a Splodge-Tastic class?

A. Yes, We have to ensure your space is reserved. Bookings are done through trybooking, links to the classes are on there.

Q. What if my child is sick and misses a class?

A.   You can join another class to make up for the missed one.  

We don't give refunds for missed classes.


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