What do parents want in a kids birthday party?

March 19 2014
As a parent and owner of Splodge Children’s Entertainment Company, I constantly ask my customers what they want from a party organiser at their Childs Birthday Party.

The replies are varied of course, but in the main it appears to be fun but controlled entertainment and value for money.

Controlled entertainment – by that Mums and Dads want to leave the group of children at the kid’s birthday party with the entertainer and know they are not going to disappear or run amok through the house/garden. Think of this when you hire an entertainer. If you have booked a puppet show or fairy can they perform and still control the children or do you and other parents have to help out?

Fun – Children’s attention spans are not as good as adults a 1 hour birthday party can be a long time if there is not lots to do. Make sure the entertainer provides you with an exact run down of what the children will be doing for the hour or two at the birthday party to ensure you don’t have them sneaking into the bedrooms to find the play station!!! Remember to cater for boys and girls alike. Will the boys really enjoy that fairy or the girls the soccer game. When kids get to a certain age usually 8, 9 or 10 years they opt for single sex parties, up till then it’s mixed and can be tricky. Make sure you are satisfied that the entertainer can entertain both well and doesn’t lean towards girls or boys alone.

Value for money – What are you getting for your money? Craft activities are great fun at Birthday Parties and provide the children with something to take home with them. Buying craft bits is expensive; an entertainer doing craft should be able to supply you with a huge range of bits and pieces for the children to use at a fraction of the cost. Lolly Bags – Think of the money you’ve spend on those lolly bags that end up devoured before the kids even get home from the birthday party – and the time it took you to shop around for all those little bits and pieces inside. Don’t over spend on party bags; $5 is a reasonable price to spend on a kids birthday party lolly bag, to include a game/toy, lollies, puzzle, stationary, sticker and balloon. At least with a craft birthday party they go home with a couple of craft items and perhaps a prize or two from the games played.

Finally make sure your entertainer is happy to clear up any mess. You will have enough to do with the food and catching up with the other Parents to have to worry about their mess!

Debbie is Co-owner and founder of Splodge Children’s Entertainment. X